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Camp "Forest"

«Lego Artek»

June17 – June 30

It's impossible for a kid to develop their potential while being constantly stressed out, thus our children deserve having outdoor activities and freedom from the present-day gloominess.

Lot's of happy moments will assemble in June into a single figure, the Artek camp, filled with adventure and new experiences. Artek friendship will unite children's hearts!

Daily activities will be a cure for boredom, as every day in the camp is planned and well-saturated. When choosing a set of Lego for a child, you keep in mind their interests and age. We, too! You value in such a toy children's development and time well-spent. We entrust the same mission to this particular camp. Children will enjoy every day of the camp with their peers, collecting pleasant memories of their vacation to the Carpathian mountains!

Hiking through picturesque mountain trails: imagine your kids climbing Mt. Khomiak (1542 m), visiting the mountain meadow Ploska (1353 m), taking part in tourist courses and taking hundreds of photos. Among these events there will be creative competitions and assignments, with qualified counselors, real mentors for young Artek students, offering a helpful hand. Moreover, there are many other resort-based activities: an extreme park, catamarans, bicycles, velomobiles, a trampoline for the little ones. And for the most agile mountain carts, football, artball, etc.

Let's add joy to the children's summer together!


«Portal to the Childhood Realm»
July 1 – July 14

Imagine: summertime has come. You notice your child killing time in front of a gadget display. It's terribly hot, wartime news being constantly broadcasted on the TV nearby. And then, magically, they are teleported to a mountainous area with clean air and fir tree forests, completely distancing themselves from the world of adults.

A well-saturated activity program: resort-based attractions, mountain hiking, competitions and atmospheric campfire gatherings: everything is here to break the emotional stupor. Comfortable accommodation: five meals a day, an atmospheric location, safe and secured from hostilities.

Don't worry, all the activities will be delivered according to preferences of your kids and tailored to their interests. Everything being in demand on the Internet will be adapted to result in a thrilling mountain retreat.

Dear parents, do not let this summer fade away. Children possess gigantic self-healing potential, but this recovery needs to be properly arranged!

«Jumanji: an Artek Adventure»

July 15 – July 28

We're providing a continuous traveling experience here in Bukovel. We've adjusted the routes, took into account all the dangerous factors and created safe conditions so that not a single weather change might interfere!

Even a famous movie will envy our summer vacation in the camp. Carpathian forests can be easily compared to the real Jumanji jungle, as every day is full of adventure. One day children embark on a mountain expedition, where stunning scenery and personal records await, and the other day we hone tourist skills in the vicinity of the resort..

Daily challenges await over the course of this camp: each group of childred will participate in a gaming marathon and compete for the championship. Children will solve challenging puzzles and the best players will earn honor amongst peers and win prizes.

Let the games begin!


«Space Station «Artek»
July 29
– August 11

We strive to gather children aboard a spaceship and take them to the planet of eternal childhood. While Elon Musk is looking for this planet in outer space, we've prepared a base for children's recreation here in the Carpathians, in the heart of Bukovel. This camp is dedicated to those whose imagination reaches to the unknown and fascinating. We will explore the depths of space, get acquainted with alien species, see the stars from an entirely different angle.

The years of the pandemic, the months of war denied our kids a piece of childhood we want to bring back, as the mental burdens of everyday life, which leave an imprint on one's psyche, need to be cured immediately with joy.

We will do our best for your kids to discover unique experiences, find new friends. In turn, it is very important for us that they learn how to build social connections with both peers and adults. Our mission is do our every effort to make it easy for them. The events are designed in a way for a young personality not only to hone their talents, explore new fields of activity, take a break from supervision (yes, children also need change of environment), but at the same time expand the boundaries of the familiar world.

Book a camp at Artek-Bukovel. Your kids deserve it!


«Tagged #sport»
August 12 – August 25

Among philosophers, there's a widespread opinion that if you want to become happier, go in for sports.

No one will argue sports being good for health. Children grow strong and resilient, colds are less common, their immunity to decease is more stable. True, but sport is more than just it. Under the motto "Sport for All", this camp will reward more courageous and goal-oriented behavior.

Joined by experienced mentors, our counselors who understand the meaning of overall development, children will embark on an exciting journey with their peers.

The Carpathians are calling and Artekiates are ready for daily adventures: we're taking the youngest of campers to the Reteha mountain meadow, while elder children will conquer the mountain Khomiak. Everything will be like real tourists: first, a climb that will help become more resilient, then magnificent views (children will send you hundreds of photos, guaranteed) and, of course, initiation into tourists and a festive tourist lunch. In a word, a mission to collect those unique summer moments!

September 2 – September 15

Did you think that summer is over and the camp has gone into hibernation? But no! We are magicians, as we turn any everyday story into an incredible fantasy book and even transform melancholic autumn into lively summer!

During this camp we will develop our imagination, dream and break away from reality. Sometimes it's vital to dream and observe life from a different angle.

A variety of entertainment awaits: swimming pool, waterpark amusements, velomobiles, cycling, rope courses, "Hutsul Land" folk-park, roller skating, catamarans, petting zoo, as well as сampfire evenings with marshmallow roast, hikes to the beautyful mountains, for those who wish – sleeping in tents. A great alternative to boring gadget routine, as nothing can replace time spent with peers; we will learn to socialize and enjoy the legendary "Artek" friendship.

Comfortable accommodation, balanced five-course meals, a saturated activity program: these are the components of a wonderful children's camp experience.

Time to reach beyond grim reality and strive for new travels!


Themed “Artek” sessions provide a range of development opportunities for your kids.
Note, that depending on a specific session and camp, listed options may vary:

GENERAL EVENTS: repeatable or yearly activities. They have already become classics of "Artek" routine, combined with the best youth-oriented events our resort has to offer. According to session-specific programs and timings, we involve children and counselors into action over the course of multiple events: celebrations, competitions, festivals, gala-concerts, etc.

CAMP ACTIVITIES: all camps have their own signature style, different philosophy and approach to recreation, treatment and education. Each camp's unique identity is further reflected in our special camp-specific actions and events.

COMPANY ACTIVITIES: we highly encourage our campers and counselors to develop a unique identity for each company during the session, thus a huge part of activity time is dedicated to smaller-group events, intended to encourage friendly relationships within each individual group of children.

Educational/personality-development courses. We want children to unleash all the imagination, creative potential and teamwork capabilities, all their knowledge to share with others. We want them to become better in foreign languages, communication and time management. Those who ponder their future early and work hard will succeed in their lives, become reliable citizens and true patriots of the state!

  • Challenges, courses, disputes, educational and role-playing games, workshops and quests in many fields: IQ, erudition, art and literature, business and career, country-studies, outdoors skills, leadership and teambuilding, cooking and household etc.
  • English classes and English-speaking companies.
  • Creativity contests in drawing, dancing, vocals, music instruments playing, movie-making, poetry, acting and reciting.
  • Charity events and cleanings of the camp.
  • The most talented will develop wall newspapers and company presentations. The most worthy and record-breaking Artekiates will enter the Hall of Fame.

Sporting events, entertainment and recreation. Our counselors and PT instructors do their best to improve the health conditions of your children. Healthy and active entertainment is also included. We want our campers to possess a healthy spirit in a healthy body, introducing them to a number of opportunities and facilities so everyone may bring their physical conditioning to an edge, become even more handsome and enjoy a healthy way of life:

  • Daily exercises and gym workouts.
  • Swimming, mountain hikes and geocaching. Quad bikes, velomobiles and water-cycles.
  • Friendly challenges in water-park and extreme-park. Rock climbing, rope courses, horseback tours, mountain biking.
  • Artball, football, table tennis, chess and checkers.
  • Shooting gallery, slot machines, bowling and air hockey.

As summer is the season when children strive to have fun, we diversify this highly saturated list of sporting activity with some versatile and top-quality leisure and entertainment:

  • Dating events, flash mobs, video conferences, themed parties, jams and discos.
  • Photo-quests, autograph sessions, social media specials.
  • Readings and movie showcases.
  • Meetings with showmen, bookwriters, sportsmen and celebrities.
  • ...and much, much more!

“Artek” heritage and traditions. We strongly believe that small, symbolic things do matter. Every member of our big family will be briefly introduced to the history of the camp, as well as traditional campfire songs, chants, slogans and roundelay folk dances – from the very start of the session. From the old times, fireplace has been symbolizing friendship, hope, mutual care and unity. Campfire has become one of the central symbolic figures in "Artek" movement, thus campfire gatherings are the pivotal feature of our camp’s brand!

"Artek - Bukovel".
Grow. Explore. Discover.

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