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Camp "Forest"

“Mission Startrack” 
May 29 – June 11

Hello, friend! Our voyage is about to start, thus book your seat in our spaceship and fasten seat belts. The Universe is full of wonders and we’re about to uncover them together, over the course of this opening camping session. 

Artekiates! 3…2…1…! Ignition! The primary task for our shuttle’s crew is to forge strong friendly relationships: you’ll find many friends on board to accompany you in your quest to self-fulfillment.
In spare, our spaceship will drift past the brightest stars – personalities who not only possess valuable knowledge of the Universe, but dedicated their entire lives to conquering the infinity of Space.

Participate in a variety of workshops, autograph-sessions and astronomy fan-meetings.

Last but not least, we’re about to land our spacecraft from time to time, to enjoy Artek’s traditional amusements and courses: extreme-park, biking, catamarans, bowling and aero-hockey. Joyful fireside gatherings, mountain hikes – everything to support spontaneous acquaintances within fellow platoon members and counselors. Moreover, after a long absence, Artek football and artball Cups is back to the camp, thus make sure to double your efforts to claim this valuable trophy!

So are you ready for a space quest for friendship and discoveries? Hurry up then and press the “Start” button!

Session 1 special: Aeronautics Days “Space Info Fest”.

“Happy birthday, “Artek-Bukovel”
June 12 – 25

Blow out the candles! Welcome to the anniversary camping session and join us in celebrating the legendary camp’s birthdate!

The highlight of the session will be the “Artek-Bukovel” anniversary event, with numerous activities either to watch or participate, together with talented youth and bands from the Sixth Children’s creativity festival “Bukovel Star Fest”. 14 days of exciting leisure to spend doing mountain hikes of participating in sporting events, trying your abilities as a real entertainer by doing your first steps to the big stage, having fun by attending a variety of attractions and amusements TC “Bukovel” has to offer, finding new friends from Ukraine and all over the World.

Moreover, the healing and crystal clear mountain air and well-balanced meals will surely strengthen your body and spirit! 

Become a part of the legendary camp’s history! Welcome to the “Artek” family!

Session 2 special: VI Children’s Creativity Festival “Bukovel Star Fest”

“Comedy Lab 3.0”
June 26 – July 9

As Wikipedia puts it, sense of humor is the tendency of experiences to provoke laughter and provide amusement. It also includes intellectual ability of a human to operate multiple views simultaneously. Thus, it is decided! On this midsummer session we’ll try to see simple everyday things from a different angle, from the perspective of comedy. We will joke a lot and live our lives smiling, as we will be joined by the most prominent comedymen from Ukraine’s “League of Laughter”, and there will never be a dull moment, we guarantee it.

Last but not least, our campers will follow the course of the session, accompanied by a friendly counselor team, our experienced mentors who will assist kids in finding new friendships, developing leadership skills and becoming self-confident.

Welcome to Comedy Lab 3.0! All the elements are in place and we’re ready to start the experiment!

Session 3 special: III Children’s humor and comedy festival “Kids Fun Fest”.

“Dream Beacons” 
July 10 – 23

Charles Dickens once wrote: “We never tire of the friendships we form with books”. True words of wisdom! 

Just think about it, what an explosive result we get from mixing these three ingredients: boundless imagination of a child, plus talented present-day book writers, plus the best children’s camp of the country! This is astounding!

Over the course of the session, not only will we introduce ourselves to the art of book-writing, that’s right, writing as an art form. Only masters of the craft are aware of pros and cons of the job, moreover, they will lift this veil for us. In the end of the journey, every one of you will determine your favorite genres, decide what to read next and perhaps – even ponder your own ways as a writer.

The intellectual prowess of children is an important field of activity for our team. As our friends from the Annual children’s book festival “Read Ukrainian” are always welcome at “Bukovel”, they are easily reachable for our kids in July, as well as the mysterious world of the Ukrainian literature.

Session 4 special: ІV Children’s book festival “Read Ukrainian”

“Way to Victory”
July 24 – August 6

We believe every single child to be unique in their own ways, with different inclinations, dreams, interests, feelings and desires. But no matter how different they are, only by working together shall we take real steps to success and emerge victorious from trials. Only together shall we become record holders and make our way to bigger achievements. This session is for those who dream themselves to become big sporting stars, Olympic Champions and work hard to step onto the pedestal!

We’re prepped and ready to provide ways and means to those who tasted victory and step confidently on their way to desired goals. We will do our best to motivate our future Champions to claim what it rightfully theirs, to become more confident and become closer to their dreams. 

Our motto will be “Every day we improve!”. All session long our campers will be visited by renowned masters of sport, to give their tips and share some advices and life hacks on how to achieve remarkable results. Moreover, the session will be highly saturated with sporting events. We just can’t wait to see all the sporting intrigue and tension unfold!

Session 5 special: “Bukovelian Records” sport event

“Scripts of Success” 
August 7 – 20

“Kid-boss” is a buzzword you might have heard in a typical action movie. However, it may define possible reality to some extent, for some of you. Spend 14 days with a team of professionals, our specially invited businessmen who created own startups, top-tier bloggers and journalists who introduce media-trends, people who achieved their goals. These people will be here for you to provide training and council, to share their secrets of success. This session is a perfect opportunity to learn from others’ mistakes, imagine yourself as a beginner businessman, ponder your own ways and receive valuable tips from those who succeeded.

Yeah, it’ll be a well-saturated themed session, but that doesn’t mean you will miss on all those classic “Artek” attractions and amusements: rope courses, swimming in the marvelous Lake of Youth, catamarans, velomobiles, bikes, bowling, aero-hockey and mountain hikes. Quite a ToDo list we have here, thus make haste to plan your summer vacation!

Session 6 special: 2nd Annual Artek Media Fest

“Artek Express” 
August 21 – 29

Missed your summer opportunities? – Not a problem! Summer season’s last session allows to catch everything up and what a session it will be! Lots of interesting experiences await, as well as new friendships and discoveries. We’ll expand the boundaries of your familiar world. Welcome to savor the summer’s last moments, with the legendary children’s camp!

Spend two weeks in the Carpathians before your school routine start, for you will need those emotions and energy boost for your learning. Your tasks and weights will seem lighter, even during the most chilling winter months. Summer! Friends! Mountains! Let’s make it a perfect retreat in a cheerful company of friends!


Thematic “Artek” sessions provide a range of development opportunities for your kids.
Note, that depending on a specific session and camp, listed options may vary:

GENERAL EVENTS: repeatable or yearly activities. They have already become classics of "Artek" tradition, combined with the best youth-oriented events our resort has to offer. According to session-specific programs and timings, we involve children and counselors into action of multiple events: celebrations, competitions, festivals, gala-concerts, etc.

CAMP ACTIVITIES: our four camps have their signature style, with different philosophy and approach to recreation, treatment and education. Each camp's unique identity is further reflected in our special camp-specific actions and events.

PLATOON ACTIVITIES: we highly encourage our campers and counselors to develop a unique style and identity for each platoon during the session, thus a huge part of activity time is dedicated to smaller-group events, intended to strengthen team spirit and friendly relationships within each individual group of children.

Educational/personality-development courses. We want children to unleash all the imagination, creative potential and teamwork capabilities, all their knowledge to share with others. We want them to become better in foreign languages, communications and time management. Those who ponder their future early and work hard will succeed in their lives, become reliable citizens and true patriots of the


  • Challenges, courses, disputes, educational and role-playing games, workshops and quests in many fields: IQ, erudition, art and literature, business and career, country-studies, outdoors skills, leadership and teambuilding, cooking and household etc.
  • English classes and English-speaking platoons.
  • Creativity contests in drawing, dancing, vocals, music instruments playing, movie-making, poetry, acting and reciting.
  • Charity events and cleanings of the camp.
  • The most talented will develop wall newspapers and platoon presentations. The most worthy and record-breaking Artekiates will enter the Hall of Fame.

Sporting events, entertainment and recreation. Our counselors and PT instructors do their best to improve the health conditions of your children. Healthy and active entertainment is also included. We want our campers to possess a healthy spirit in a healthy body. We introduce our campers to a number of opportunities and facilities so everyone may bring their physical conditioning to an edge, become even more handsome and enjoy a healthy way of life:

  • Daily exercises and gym workouts.
  • Swimming, mountain hikes and geocaching. Quad bikes, velomobiles and water-cycles.
  • Friendly challenges in water-park and extreme-park. Rock climbing, rope courses, horseback tours, mountain biking.
  • Artball, football, table tennis, chess and checkers.
  • Shooting gallery, slot machines, bowling and air hockey.

As summer is the season when children strive to have fun, we diversify this highly saturated list of sporting activity with some versatile and top-quality leisure and entertainment:

  • Everyday meetings and dating events, flash mobs, video conferences, thematic parties, music jams and discos.
  • Photo-quests, photo- and autograph sessions, social media events.
  • Readings and movie showcases.
  • Meetings with showmen, book writers, sportsmen and celebrities.
  • ...and much, much more!

“Artek” heritage and traditions. We strongly believe that small, symbolic things do matter. Every member of our big family will be briefly introduced to the history of the camp, as well as traditional campfire songs, chants, slogans and roundelay folk dances – from the very start of the session. From old times, fireplace has been symbolizing friendship, hope, mutual care and unity. Campfire has become one of the central symbolic figures in Artek movement, thus campfire gatherings are the pivotal feature of our camp’s brand!

"Artek - Bukovel" -  Grow. Explore. Discover.

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