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Questions and Tips

Useful advices

  • It is highly recommended for children to put a signature (or other marks) on their belongings.
  • Be sure to take care about psychological state of your child. Usually children get used to the new location (and people) in a few days after the arrival. We face a lot of requests from campers to bring them back home during these first days. Thus we advise to focus children on positive thoughts in advance. Tell them you are proud of him/her being grown-up and independent, about new friends and positive impressions they will definitely get in Artek.
  • It is better not to overburden children with unnecessary stuff. A good option is to pack everything into one luggage bag.
  • Please consider to give your child minimum food for the trip.  According to health and safety regulations, children are only allowed to keep mineral water, sweets, cookies and wafers in their rooms and tents.
  • Check your children’s luggage carefully on the day of departure. Please note, we don't allow cigarettes and alcohol in the camp.

How can I find out about the state of my child at the camp?

Before the departure of your child to the camp you may ask for phone numbers of our counsellors (and appropriate timing for a call).

By calling the counsellor, you may expect to get full information about your child.

When can I visit my child at the camp?

In connection with the resolution №5 of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine "On approval of anti-epidemic measures in children's health and recreation facilities during the quarantine", in accordance with paragraph No.13 "Parents, relatives and other persons are not allowed to visit children on the territory of the camp".

What do you need to do in order to take the child from the camp prematurely?

A special document must be addressed to a camp's administration representative. The administration is located in the office of "Artek-Bukovel" in the center of the resort, near the ski-lift #2.

In order to receive a blank document, please bring:


  • Identity-proving document (passport, driver's licence).

Other persons (including grandparents, brothers, sisters):

  • Identity-proving document (passport, driver's licence);
  • A notarized power of attorney document from the parents (ask counsellors or administrators for a blank document);
  • Copy of a parent's identity-proving document (passport or drivers licence, one is enough);
  • According to sanitary regulations, it is strictly prohibited for parents to visit children’s rooms.

Dear parents! We are working hard so your children may have a safe and exciting camping experience.

"Artek-Bukovel" camp administration reserves the right to adjust session activity lists and programs, due to weather conditions and unpredictable sets of events.

  • Children do tours and excursions entirely at their own will. If someone refuses to go sightseeing, they will remain in the camp with their peers and have leisure and studies according to the schedule.
  • We don’t recommend using cell phones and gadgets on public events, studies and discos.
  • Our administration and pedagogues aren’t by any means responsible for any property losses of the kids.
  • We have our fully supplied medical bay in the camp, thus you don’t have to provide children with medical kits before their departure to the camp. Any medical kits will be confiscated immediately and returned to you (or to the accompanying person) before your kids' departure from “Artek”.   
  • As we provide meals, foodstuffs will also be confiscated and returned to parents immediately, in order to prevent food poisoning of your children. Be advised that children are allowed to bring or buy from the shops the following food: simple cookies, chocolate (milk or dark, without any fillers), simple candies, mineral water (non-carbonated).
  • Drugs, tobacco, and alcohol are strictly prohibited in the camp.  We don't tolerate voilence, misbehavior and sympthomatic violations of the internal regime. A violation of any of these principles may lead to child's exclusion from the camp, without any compensations of the visa price.

According to safety regulations, several amusements e.g. fire shows, foam parties, paint parties - are prohibited in the camp. The camp's administration (including directors and head's assistants, psychologists) - are eager to hear you and your children in any case and provide advices and/or qualified assistance with your issues.

Thank you for your patience and co-operation!

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