The way to the Petros summit lies through beautiful alpine meadows with sheep pastures and Hutsul households.
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Main checkpoints: village Lazeshchyna – Mt. Petros (2020 m.) – village Lazeshchyna.
Length: 18 km.
Elevation gain: 900 m.

Tourists who like conquering new peaks definitely aim at Petros, one of the most desired climbing achievments here in the Carpathian mountains. Those reaching the top through the steep slopes of Petros are rewarded generously – the entire Chornohora ridge at clear sight for one's contemplation pleasure: from Hoverla to Pope Ivan!

The route passes through beautiful alpine meadows: a perfect opportunity to get up close and personal with the unique mountain life of Hutsuls. The history of folk crafts in the Carpathians dates back for several centuries, and the ancient tradition of sheep breeding and cheese production is still alive.

Join us and dive into the unique vibes of the mountains, with melodies of local music instrumets and cowbells being all over the place!

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Days of availability: 10.06.2023, 08.07.2023, 05.08.2023, 02.09.2023.
Duration: 8-9 hours.
Departure time: 08:00.
Price: 1500 UAH.