Mushrooms and berries are often referred to as the "Carpathian gold".
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Complexity: hard.
Length: 14 kilometers.
Duration: 6 hours.
Elevation gain: 663 meters.
Main checkpoints: TC "Bukovel" – Blazhiv meadow – Mt. Malyi Gorgan – TC "Bukovel".

The Carpathians are generous and hospitable. Mushrooms and berries are considered to be the greatest treasure of our mountain region, being often referred to as the "Carpathian gold". After all, it is here, among ancient trees and vibrant springs, that they grow rich in minerals and nutrients. Of course, you may want to buy them from locals, but here's a much more interesting option!

If you like to travel and enjoy your retreats to the woods, take a tour and combine, as they say, the useful and the pleasant. The "silent hunt" for mushrooms will be an exciting adventure for you, as the quest to obtain the "gold" is not in fact that trivial. However, we've marked a route for you, to increase chances of finding it! The best time to search is mid-July to mid-October. If the summer is hot and rainy, the spoils tend to be extremely generous.

Start: 08:00.
Days of availability: daily.
Price: 1000 UAH.

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