Forge your collection of memorable experiences, by visiting the six greatest mountains of the region!
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Among the vast multitude of peaks in the Ukrainian Carpathians, the most spectacular is the Chornohora ridge featuring six major montains, the two-thousanders Hoverla (2061), Brebeneskul (2038), Pope Ivan Chornohirskyi (2028), Petros (2020), Hutyn Tomnatyk (2018) and Rebra (2001).

Welcome to the most recent, yet one of the most rewarding experiences from Bukovel tour department. Gather your friends and embark on an adventure to discover the panoramic beauty being revealed from our region's greatest peaks.

Moreover, these hikes present a unique opportunity to get your hands on some unique Bukovel merch collectables!

How to get the collectable items?

  • Before starting the first hike of the series, you will receive a traveler's passport.
  • When a "Chornohora two-thousander collection" hike is completed, your guide puts a special stamp in the passport and you receive a collectable pin, a badge resembling conquest of a particular mountain peak.
  • As soon as all 6 mountains are visited, celebrate the completed experience with a limited honorary pin set!

We highly recommend that you start your experience by climbing the greatest peak of Ukraine, Mt. Hoverla. The hike is designed in a way that allows for an opportunity to test one's stamina, while enjoying the awesomeness of landscapes. This hike is a prerequisite, providing access to follow-up hikes. Choose the dates to fit your schedule and fill out an application form in order to participate.

Plan your experience in advance: the adventure might be even more fulfilling, if followed by a stay in a favorite hotel, a visit to a SPA (or any other venue of choice), not to mention those precious chilling moments at the Lake of Youth beach!

Application forms:   
Mt. Hoverla (intruductory hike)   
Chornohora two-thousander collection (follow-up hikes)

Hike schedule:

Main checkpoints: training base "Zarosliak" – Mt. Hoverla – training base "Zarosliak".
Length: 8 km.
Elevation gain: 900 m.
Days of availability: daily.

Main checkpoints: village Lazeshchyna – Mt. Petros – village Lazeshchyna.
Length: 18 km.
Elevation gain: 900 m.
Days of availability: Saturday.

Main checkpoints: village Dzembronia – Pope Ivan Chornohirskyi – village Dzembronia.
Length:19 km.
Elevation gain: 1153 m.
Days of availability: on demand.

Main checkpoints: training base "Zarosliak" – Mt. Hutyn Tomnatyk – Mt. Rebra – training base "Zarosliak".
Length: 19.8 km.
Elevation gain: 890 m.
Days of availability: Friday.

Main checkpoints: training base "Zarosliak" – Mt. Brebeneskul – Mt. Rebra – training base "Zarosliak".
Length: 22 km.
Elevation gain: 916 m.
Days of availability: Friday.

Application forms:   
Mt. Hoverla (intruductory hike)   
Chornohora two-thousander collection (follow-up hikes)


Dear friends, we strongly recommend that you book our services in advance. In order to make a reservation, please provide our manager with the following info via Telegram, WhatApp or Viber:

  • the name of the tour;
  • desired date;
  • full names of each participant from your group;
  • the hotel you reside in.

In response, the manager will send you a confirmation letter and a payment invoice. As soon as the payment is complete, you will receive another letter containing your travel schedule, time and place of meeting on the day of the tour.