An introduction to the Chornohora experience, this hike takes you to the greatest peak of Ukraine!
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Main checkpoints: training base "Zarosliak" – Mt. Hoverla (2061 m.) – training base "Zarosliak".
Length: 7.4 km.
Elevation gain: 770 m.

Among the vast multitude of peaks in the Ukrainian Carpathians, the most spectacular is the Chornohora ridge featuring six major montains, the two-thousanders Hoverla (2061), Brebeneskul (2038), Pope Ivan Chornohirskyi (2028), Petros (2020), Hutyn Tomnatyk (2018) and Rebra (2001).

We highly recommend that you start your experience by climbing the greatest of those, Mt. Hoverla. The hike is designed in a way that allows for an opportunity to test one's stamina, while enjoying the awesomeness of landscapes reaching for hundreds of kilometers.

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Days of availability: Thursday, Friday.
Duration: 7-8 hours.
Departure time: 07:00.
Price: 1500 UAH.