Our themed folk-park unveils the life and household of region's native ethnicities: Hutsuly, Lemky and Boiky.
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Folk-park "Hutsul Land" is a new and unique environment, combining various recreation and entertainment at "Bukovel", telling the fascinating story of life and household of region's native ethnicities: Hutsuly, Lemky and Boiky. It is located to the right of Lake of Youth's far edge.  

One of the major available exhibits is our skansen (open-air ethnographic complex), notable for rustic aesthetics and interactive approach to guests. You are free to enter a 200-year-old house, sit on a bench, watch the fire burn in the stove, grind wheat with millstones, craft a doormat using a real weaving machine, observe cheese production at the manufacture and even participate in the Hutsul wedding extravaganza! 

The complex also boasts a fully-fledged petting zoo, where native, exotic, wild animals and birds live almost in their natural habitat, which will sure delight both children and adults.

Moreover, there is an area dedicated exclusively to workshops, where one may observe folk crafts and techniques, which are, sadly but true, on the verge of extinction.

Finally, after trying everything out, consider visiting complex’s picturesque photo zones offering fresh topics and aesthetics for your social media. Art connoisseurs will surely enjoy their visit to our small art gallery and the Ukrainian cinema club, while those who are in for a bit more carefree leisure will appreciate a wide array of traditional amusements.

"Hutsul Land" features unique monuments of wooden architecture of the XIX-XX centuries, reassembled after transportation from the most remote corners of the Ukrainian Carpathians. One of the most ancient ones is a house from Rozhanka village, Lviv region, dating from 1860-80, miraculously preserved thanks to last owner's efforts. Another extremely remarkable exhibit is a household of wealthy shepherds brought from Vorokhta, dating from the late XIX century. The unique “grazhda” installation, which is an example of the traditional local household, is a subject of our special pride.

Centuries-old wooden houses, thoroughly recreated along with interiors, items and pieces of art, create a unique atmosphere of the past, manifesting the spirit of our ancient traditions. The main purpose is to preserve the decaying heritage of the Ukrainian Carpathians and introduce visitors to the region's unique people’s legacy.

More improvements and events are still to come: festivals, workshops, artists’ retreats and much, much more. Don’t miss it all!

Welcome to the marvelous Hutsul Land!

Please note! Free entry policy is in effect for registered IDP's with certificates.

Prices for hutsul land
Service Price, UAH
Standard ticket 250
Preferential ticket (children under 12, pensioners, ATO veterans) 200
Chilrden under 6, IDP's: free entry.
Ticket owners enjoy unlimited staying time during the day.