Bike Zip

"Bike zip" is a spectacular panoramic rope course for bike ferries, mounted 30 meters high over the Lake of Youth’s surface.

Our "Bike zip" course is unique for Europe’s resorts and the longest in the world, the overall ferry distance is 560 meters.

Feel the scent of adventures and unstoppable drive with "Bike zip".

Prices: bike zip

Ticket   Price, UAH
1 session 400
Tandem (person weight up to 150kg) 700
Bike Zip + Rope jump (joint ticket) 700
Bike Zip + Pendulum (joint ticket) 700
Bike Zip + Trolley ferry (joint ticket) 600
Bike Zip + "Roller Coaster Zipline" (joint ticket) 700
Photo 50
Video 100

Operation hours
  • Mo-Th 10:30 - 18:30
  • Fr-Su 10:30 - 18:30