19 December
Bukovel Free Fight Cup Series

The winter season has started already in our snow-covered mountain paradise. As we always strive to provide memorable entertainment to our guests, this current season is guaranteed to have its unforgettable moments, which include spectacular experience for all the martial arts fans. 

No doubt, Bukovel Free Fight Cup series has already become a prominent event in the industry, the brighter star on the Ukrainian sporting horizons; a showcase known of being a special delicacy, available exclusively to our guests. This professional tournament allows visitors for the effect of complete immersion into the world of men’s physical prowess and deadly grace, known for its unique tension and dramatic turnarounds. With stakes being extremely high, the determination of our fighters goes through the roof. The competition between coaching strategies is insane, however, the opportunity is always there as well for brilliant tactics to determine the outcome of the fight, sometimes in the most unpredictable manner!

The 9th annual Bukovel Free Fight Cup event is scheduled to start on December 22. For the ninth year in a row, our organizing team from the Professional Fight Union agency brings to your attention the best fighters of the passing year, representing both Ukraine and foreign countries. Our contenders are ready to test their resolve in the course of the unforgiving quest for supremacy and appreciation from the fans. The more our Cup progresses in popularity, the more it is a thing between Ukrainian celebrities, being attended by numerous big figures from sport, music and art. This is a huge celebration of manliness, beauty and physical power, as our competition bracket slots are reserved for the most prominent athletes of the industry.

We receive an astounding amount of applications, which makes it harder for PFU to determine the final roster, as slot limitation was tightened up to 8 contenders per weight category. Our selected fighters shall compete for absolute domination and Championship belts within respective grand-prix circuits.

Beyond the main competitive thing, there’s even more to the Cup you should definitely enjoy:

  • Prestiege tier fights;
  • International super fights;
  • Charming ring girls;
  • Handsome celebrity host;
  • Six Grand Final clashes to determine the best of the best!

So are you in and excited already? We’re looking forward to seeing you in the hall.


I - December 22;

II - January 5;

III - January 19;

IV - February 2;

V - February 16;

Grand Finals - March 16.

Our promise is that each tour of the event will be emotionally saturated and satisfying for our adrenaline-thirsty fans to observe. Expect some unforgettable experience, as tension and drama are always companions to highly-competitive struggle! As the number of seats is limited, we highly recommend that you book your tickets in advance.

The event online broadcasts will be available on Facebook ProFightUnion, Xsport TV and Bukovel websites.

Opening date: December 22

Where: "Buka" EC

For details and ticket booking, please call: (0342) 59-54-44.

Let’s get ready to rumble!