March 2019
Bukovel Free Fight Cup Grand Finals

Coming up March 16th 2019, the final, sixth round of the Bukovel Free Fight Cup event, brought to you by “Bukovel” resort and "Professional Fight Union" league.

Five exciting rounds have become history, we’ve witnessed the best free-fighters overcome the grand-prix circuit trials in their quest for Championship belts. The overcrowded "BUKA" EC fighting arena staged the fights to be later discussed by fans throughout the country. Those who didn’t manage to visit the event itself enjoyed the action through live broadcasts. Our fighters showcased the sport at its best, in all its glory. There were unbelievable shots, unexpected KO’s, submissive and choking moves. Some fights were won thanks to the power of will, others – due to tactical advantage and cunning. Strange as it may sound, some fighters were just a little bit more lucky compared to their opponents… That’s right, the main thing about free fight is the unpredictable nature of this spectacular and unforgiving sport. On the other hand, the main characters of the show are all real heroes who possess the noblest of qualities and maximum manliness. They enter the arena to entertain you with tensious fights, but the rivalry ends the second the gong strikes.

But enough small talk, as the time has come to dot the I’s. All finalists have been determined. On March 16, we will crown our Champions. We have four exciting champion fights scheduled for you:

  • 57 kg weight category: Roman Dobrynin (Kryvyi Rih) VS Vitalii Yakymenko (Kharkiv),
  • 61 kg weight category: Ruslan Mammadov (Azerbaijan) VS Zuriko Dzhozhua (Georgia),
  • 77 kg weight category: Viktor Kokhno (Ternopil) VS Volodymyr Baryshev (Kherson),
  • 84 kg weight category: Ihor Potieria (Kyiv) VS Serhii Mudrytskyi (Kyiv).

Moreover, five additional superfights are coming up to once again feature the fighters who managed to showcase the most remarkable performance in the course of the season, as well as the season 9 biggest discoveries, such as Ruslan Pervak (Uman) and Vladyslav Hryhoriev (Kyiv)!

Join us in honoring our new Champions!

When: March 16

Where: "BUKA" EC

Start: 8pm

Tickets are now on sale! For booking, please call: (0342) 59-54-44