February 2019
Bukovel free fight Cup tour IV

Apart from Epiphany’s Day festivities, the day of January 19 has become a real celebration of martial arts, as Bukovel Free Fight Cup once again summoned together all the fans of the sport. As the competitions progress, more and more athletes are coming to Bukovel to compete for fame, recognition and valuable prize pool, however, only the best of the best are able to stay for further display of their talent.

Tour III highlights:

The U77 weight category Champion fights became the culmination part of the night. Viktor Kokhno (Ternopil) is your group A finalist, victorious by showing domination over his vis-a-vis Yevhenii Plaksin from Kharkiv (in RO2) and Ivan Slyvinskyi (in the group final). In group B, a young fighter from Kherson, Volodymyr Baryshev, celebrated his triumph, as he decimated his opponents decisively and showcased his prowess at its best: two fights – two KOs.

Thus we’re expecting a spectacular clash between representatives of the renowned free-fight schools of Kherson and Ternopil on March 16th: Viktor Kokhno VS Volodymyr Baryshev!

Another gem of the fight we had by Anton Otverchenko, whose excellent performance of technique and highly oppressive style allowed for a fantastic KO, as he smashed his opponent down as early as in the middle of round 1!

We are pleased to report the increasing amount of fans visiting the event, as a big portion of tickets have been reserved already for all the remaining tours of the series! Once again, we would like to thank you all for your support and dedication.

The Bukovel Free Fight Cup tour IV is scheduled for February 2nd, promising some really special showcase both of quickness and raw power from our contenders. We’re expecting 2 grand-prix circuits, in U57 and U84 weight categories. Right now we aren’t quite ready to reveal everything, but we promise a fight-card full of surprises and international level fighters.

The boiling point of the tour will be the fight for the U66 weight category season 9 Champion belt. In a five-round clash, two worthy fighters will collide, which are already familiar to you and highly acclaimed: Ruslan Pervak (Uman) and Yevhenii Svitlychnyi (Kryvyi Rih). As both of the fighters teared through their groups quickly and decisively, be sure to witness a brutal and uncompromising rumble between two masters of KOs!

We strongly recommend that you book your tickets in advance, as the number of seats is limited and available ticket quantity is plummeting quickly. Make haste!

When: February 2

Where: "BUKA" EC

Start: 8pm

For details and ticket booking, please call: (0342) 59-54-44.