19 JANUARY 2019

The winter season is in full swing. As our guests are enjoying the mountains with marvelous snowy weather, well-prepared skiing slopes, tasty meals and a variety of entertainment our resort has to offer, the Professional Fight Union agency had to do their best to make the event noticeable and well-attended, considering the variety of options. Again, faithful martial arts fans were numerous, with "BUKA" arena hall being fully booked, jam-packed wall-to-wall. Having witnessed 11 thrilling clashes to last for over 3 hours, our guests have experienced an immersion into the atmosphere of unspeakable tension. As before, the audience’s support was that of epic proportion, with fans cheering for their favorites so loud and passionately, that it seemed to create turning points in some fights, tipping the scales in favor of a currently losing fighter. We would like to thank everyone for coming and showing your devotion to the sport!

Once again, it hasn’t been without surprises, thus tour II can be firmly characterized as one the most spectacular in the entire history of the event. Speaking of MVP’s of the circuit, Oleksii Zaiets (Kyiv) has written his name with capital letters, into tournament’s hall of fame, with 2 decisive victories in 2 matches. Bohdan Katkin (Kryvyi Rih), brought down powerful and highly experienced Oleksandr Dolishnii (Ternopil), during the tensious RO2 clash. The triumph was close for Bohdan, still not quite enough though, as Vladyslav Hryhoriev had agenda of his own, literally fighting for his chances to his last breath! The outcome of the match was unclear until the very last seconds, before Vladyslav’s powerful back fist attack denied Katkin the right to fight in the finals. To tell the truth, every single match out of eleven we’ve seen on tour II, had it’s own unique coloring and dramaturgy. We can’t do nothing but feel sorry for those who haven’t a chance to see it all with their own eyes!

Still, four tours are still to go, thus don’t waste your time and plan your vacation time accordingly, as we got more coming up:

  • January 19th, 11 fights, u77 grand prix circuit, ranked- and super-fights (TBA).
  • February 2nd, 11 fights, u54/u84 grand prix circuits, ranked fights and a u66 weight category Champion fight. 
  • February 16th, 11 fights, u61/u84 grand prix circuits, ranked fights and a u70 weight category Champion fight. 
  • March 16th, 4 Champion fights (u57, u61, u77, u84 weight categories), show-matches featuring the best fighters of the tournament.

We strongly recommend that you book your tickets in advance, as the number of seats is limited and available ticket quantity is plummeting quickly. Make haste!

Where: “BUKA” EC.

Start: 8pm

For details and ticket booking, please call: (0342) 59-54-44.