września 2016
«Carpathian Skidding» camping session

This autumn, experience a magical mystery tour though the country of “Artek-Bukovel”, with daily educational courses and exciting gaming events. We are working hard to assure that our every camper feels his/her involvement. Through making new friends and learning the basics of teamwork, develop your own understanding of success and life values. Exciting and varied, thematic “Artek” sessions provide a wide range of development opportunities. Everything is possible here in Carpathians. We're here to make all your dreams come true!

Educational and personality-development courses. We want children to unleash all the imagination, creative potential and teamwork capabilities, all their knowledge to share with others.

Challenges, courses, disputes, creativity contests, educational and role-playing games, workshops and quests in many fields of activity.

Sporting events, entertainment and recreation.

“Artek” heritage and traditions. We strongly believe that small symbolic things do matter. Every member of our big family shall be introduced to the history of the camp, as well as traditional campfire songs, chants, slogans and roundelay folk dances – from the very start of the session.

“Artek-Bukovel”. Grow. Explore. Discover.