stycznia 2016
Cheap airfare!
Dear friends,

We are pleased to inform, that our special flights airfare became more affordable, especially round trip tickets.

For example, flight from Kyiv now costs less than 1000 UAH. Minimal ticket price to Vienna - 1179 UAH.

Flights to Ivano-Frankivsk are being performed from the cities of Kyiv, Odessa, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Vienna and Minsk.

Spend less time en route.

For details, visit our pricing area.

IFO airport flights schedule from 25th December, 2015 till 20th March, 2016.

Day Fly Race №
Monday DNK-IFO Dnipropetrovsk Z6 201
Monday KBP-IFO Kyiv Z6 053
Monday IFO-VIE Vien Z6 663
Monday VIE-IFO Vien Z6 664
Monday IFO-MSQ Minsk Z6 669
Monday IFO-HRK Kharkov Z6 375
Monday MSQ-IFO Minsk Z6 670
Monday IFO-ODS Odessa Z6 402
Monday HRK-IFO Kharkov Z6 376
Monday ODS-IFO Odessa Z6 401
Monday IFO-DNK Dnipropetrovsk Z6 202
Monday IFO-KBP Kyiv Z6 052
Wednesday DNK-IFO Dnipropetrovsk Z6 201
Wednesday IFO-MSQ Minsk Z6 669
Wednesday MSQ-IFO Minsk Z6 670
Wednesday IFO-DNK Dnipropetrovsk Z6 202
Friday DNK-IFO Dnipropetrovsk Z6 201
Friday KBP-IFO Kyiv Z6 053
Friday IFO-VIE Vien Z6 663
Friday VIE-IFO Vien Z6 664
Friday IFO-MSQ Minsk Z6 669
Friday IFO-HRK Kharkov Z6 375
Friday MSQ-IFO Minsk Z6 670
Friday IFO-ODS Odessa Z6 402
Friday HRK-IFO Kharkov Z6 376
Friday ODS-IFO Odessa Z6 401
Friday IFO-DNK Dnipropetrovsk Z6 202
Friday IFO-KBP Kyiv Z6 052
Sunday KBP-IFO Kyiv Z6 053
Sunday IFO-DNK Dnipropetrovsk Z6 202
Sunday DNK-IFO Dnipropetrovsk Z6 201
Sunday IFO-KBP Kyiv Z6 052

The country of “Bukovel” welcomes you.