29 GRUDNIA 2015
"Bukovel" Free-Fight Cup: Season 6

Fourteen. This is the exact number of athletes that took part in not even first season – in the first free fight competition in TC “Bukovel”. Only fourteen fighters and seven fights. That was the year of 2011.

Since that time, the number of athletes, willing to participate, went hugely beyond the area capabilities EC “Buka” may offer. Second season had already been split into three stages, third – into five, and fourth – had separate group stages before play-offs. As for the play-off stage itself, it now has the status of of Ukraine’s official Free-fight Cup.

More than 400 challengers had visited “Bukovel” Cup group stages season 6 in 2015. 148 of those had reached the “Elite” rank, but only 69 chosen fighters had made it to play-offs in January, 2016!

Moreover, this year, “Bukovel” Free-fight Cup shall be held in a new, international format.

Last, but not least, this year our competitions are not growing just in numbers or geography. During recent years, the story of the Cup had been closely interlaced with the history of the State. It was not only Ukraine’s honor that our free-fighters had been preserving on the rings of Czech Republic, United States of America and China, but also the right for Ukraine to exist – on the battlegrounds of Maydan and Donbass in 2013 and 2014.

Competitions start January 4th. As always, four play-off stages, followed by a Grand Final:

January 4th – Stage One;
January 16th – Stage Two;
January 30th – Stage Three;
February 13th – Stage Four;
March 5th – Grand Finals.

Competitions start 8:00 PM!

Happy New Year! Celebrate in peace and prosperity!