grudnia 2015
Yana Klochkova in VODA day&night club

15th December, visit VODA day&night cluband meet legendary Yana Klochkova, 4 times Olympic Champion and the most titled Ukrainian sportswoman. She is also a perfect example of a well-fit woman and a caring mother.

Spend a morning with an Olympic Champion, and you will sure learn a lot.

1.  Aqua-fitness secrets. After becoming a mother, Yana discovered aqua-fitness for herself as a perfect way to stay in a good shape, maintain ideal skin and metabolism conditions. She will show a couple of exercises, which helped her to recover after the childbirth.

2.  Trainings with a Champion. Yana will show her favorite gym exercises, and will explain her choice.

3.  Healthy food workshop. What are Yana’s principles of well-balanced and healthy nutrition? What meals are her favorite ones? What dishes does she cook for her son? Visit the workshop, and you will know the answers!