Claim the treasures of the legendary outlaw hero Oleksa Dovbush!
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Embark on a thrilling mountain adventure with our new quest "Hidden treasures of Oleksa Dovbush"!

The Carpathian region is known for its legends and ancient secrets. Follow the footsteps of Oleksa Dovbush, a legendary outlaw hero, who, together with his fellow opryshky, once hid fabulous riches among these mountains.

In the 18th century, the opryshky movement began to spread heavily due to the increase in ethnic persecution and feudal lawlessness. Oppressed peasants and poor townsfolk fled to the mountains. From early spring through late autumn, they used to raid the estates and castles of local landlords, then distributed the looted goods to peasants. In the eyes of the lowly folk, they were the people's avengers, noble and invincible heroes.

Participants will receive a map indicating the general route and thematic task objectives. Using it, they will travel through various quest checkpoints to discover hints needed for further progression. Our animators will provide necessary guidance and monitor the process of quest completion.

Over the course of the quest, the participants will:

  • acquire basic orienteering skills;
  • get acquainted with local traditions;
  • visit the popular attractions at TC "Bukovel";
  • earn prizes and make memorable photos.

Duration: 1-3 hours.
Price: determined individually.

For details, please call the Bukovel tour department hotline +380673404071.