Skating rink

The only open-air skating rink in the Carpathians, with an amenity of breathing crystal clear mountain air, is located near the "BUKA" EC building. Parking area #2 is located in close proximity, providing free service from 4:31pm to 7:29am

It's up to you to choose when to skate - whether you are up for discounted noon sessions, or just willing to dive into that marvelous night skating atmosphere, with bright alpine stars in the sky and cheer and festivity being all over the place.

The rink also makes an ideal location for both romantic dating and totally unboring leisure for you and your friends, no matter the age and skill. Even if you had never skated before, our helpful instructors, dressed as bears, squirrels and penguins - will gladly assist you on this cause and provide coaching and useful tips for you to improve your performance on ice.

Please note! The resort administration is by no means responsible for visitor safety on the rink and/or their property losses. Parents alone are responsible for their children's safety.

Operation hours
  • weekdays Mo-Fr -
  • weekends Sa-Su -