Ski-passes & club cards

Ticket office ski-pass rates 2022-2023

Ticket office ski-pass rates 2022-2023

The prices are given in UAH.
Lowseason start - 18.12.2217.03.23 - season endHigh19.12.22 - 01.01.2307.01.23 - 16.03.23Holiday02.01.23 - 06.01.23
1 lift pass (panoramic)200150400200150400250200500
1 lift pass (standard)2502005003002006005003501000
1 lift pass (multilift)60401007013090
3 hours5003501000800550160010507502100
Morning (08:30 - 13:30)60040012001000700200013009002600
Afternoon (11:30 - 16:30)650450130010507502100140010002800
1 day (08:30 - 16:30)800550160013009002600170012003400
2 days in a row155011003100255018005100330023006600
3 days in a row220015504400365025507300475033509500
4 days in a row2850200057004750330095006200435012400
5 days in a row34502400690057504000115007500525015000
6 days in a row38502700770064504500129008400590016800
7 days in a row43503050870072505050145009450660018900
3 days choosable2500175050004150290083005400380010800
5 days choosable38502700770064504500129008400590016800
10 days choosable62504350125001045073002090013600950027200
Bukovel Card909090
Ski-pass terms of use

Unused ski-pass expiration date is not transferrable. If used (completely or partially), ski-pass value is not refundable.

Ski-passes are considered to be the exclusive property of a Customer, meaning Customers being exclusively entitled to use their cards.

TC “Bukovel” administration enforces one major rule: “One Customer, one ski-pass card”.

On turnstiles, video surveillance cameras are monitoring the gates. In case if there is a suspicion that a card is being shared with another person, it can be permanently blocked.

To prevent fraud cases, resort administration exercises the “Five-minute rule”, which consists in ski-passes becoming inactive for the next five minutes after being read by the turnstile scanner.

We strictly restrain violations of the Rules and any other actions leading to inconvenience of guests. Ski-pass sharing is considered rascality and bad manners. In such cases, resort administration has the denial of service right. This includes ski-pass blocking.

In order to prevent scanner collisions, we strictly restrain having more than 1 ski-pass card on you when passing through gates, as well as handing ski-passes through turnstiles to another person.

Children under 6 enter the slopes free of charge (if accompanied by parents). Children aged 6-12, pensioners, Chornobyl liquidators with valid certificates, war veterans, ATO veterans and disabled persons (subject to provision of identity-proving documents with photos) - enjoy a 30% discount off ski-passes, subject to the availability of the original document, which proves the person’s entitlement to the mentioned discount (certificate of participation in hostilities, birth certificate, etc.). For all preferential categories, photo registration is mandatory. Preferential rates don't stack with other offers and specials (e.g. Club Cards, promotional ski-pass deals). This discount is available to citizens of Ukraine only.

Ski-pass solid state upgrades: KeyTix - 50 UAH, KeyCard - 90 UAH, PrimeCard – 200 UAH.

Attention skiers and boarders! We don't tolerate reckless skiing style on our slopes, performed at breakneck speed, especially using linear routes (without performing turns or skiing full-speed into other people).

Be aware that the Ski Patrol has the right to remove speed-freaks from the slopes (and permanently block their ski-passes).