February 2018

Again, we celebrate winter sports at "Bukovel" in a new format, including competition and entertainment. 

Bukovel Cup is intended to be the ultimate competitive environment, with our specially prepared FIS-compliant slope, requiring maximum downhill speed and bending mastery. All competitors are to be divided into age groups, thus everyone has an opportunity to meet peers and friends head to head to match their skill level.

Competition format:

AMETEUR - all those willing to test their skills on a competitive level.

MASTER - former pros, coaches and instructors.

Active professional athletes with valid FIS IDs, participants of the last two Ukrainian official Championships and Cups are not allowed!

This year's trial is all about forging team spirit, as individual results are evaluated and added to team's score. For the duration the season stages, the best teams shall compete for Supercups. Moreover, we provide 56 separate sets of awards (168 medals total), thus technically everyone boasting significant individual mastery - has an opportunity to get to the podium. And, like it always was, our athletes are encouraged for the best performance with valuable prizes from our sponsors.

Two Olympic disciplines: classic "giant slalom" (GS) and more performance-related "special slalom" (SL). For both men and ladies, the age requirements are 16-80.

Finally, the cherry on top will be a fabulous afterparty event, held in one of the entertainment hubs of the resort.

Opening day highlights:

  • meeting ceremony, slope test runs, funny contests, toast speeches, video footage presentation of the first competitive day;
  • giant slalom awarding ceremony, supported by sponsors and organizing team;
  • delicious snacks and tipsy beverages;
  • live music acts and fiery dancing party.

Skiers! Join us and show what you're made of! Also, literally everyone is invited to the slopes, no matter rider or fan, to contribute to already festive atmosphere!


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Have fun and the best-ever impressions during your winter vacation!