June 2019
Pentecost festivities at Bukovel

Pentecost (Triytsia, Zeleni Sviata) is a big religious festival in Ukraine, celebrated 50 days after the day of Easter. This day usually marks the end of spring calendar cycle and the beginning of the summer one. It is common thing on this day to decorate houses with greens, invite close relatives for a visit, treat them with tasty delicacies and have fun.

We at Bukovel gladly follow these traditions by summoning our guests for massive festivities to the "BugiL" cafe square, which is the very center of the resort. Join in for contests and presents, interesting treats and fiery dances in a welcoming circle of "Bukovel" family. Special guests of the festival will be drama artists from Kolomyia theatrical workshop with their "Children for a Clean Environment" showcase.

When: June 15

Where: BugiL cafe square

Start: 2pm

The country of "Bukovel" welcomes you!