October 2019
«Perlyna Karpat» National Art Contest

Another big event is coming to Bukovel this fall, namely “Perlyna Karpat” National Contest, a huge celebration of youth, art and talent, scheduled for October 25-27.

Our resort has been housing the festival for the fifth year in a row already, twice a year summoning talented individuals to participate from all over the country. The organizing party is "Vita-Fest" touring agency. This year we expect a record-breaking number of contenders and guests.

Children will contest in a wide array of disciplines such as choreography, vocal, instrumental performance, reciting and drama. We’ve invited some truly notable showbiz figures into our jury team: Vlad Yama, Amador Lopez, Oleh Serafyn, Vadym Liaschenko, Mariana Sviata, Vita Savinska and the legendary choreographer Francisco Gomes, the man who contributed to scenic performances of grands like Taylor Swift, Madonna and Lady Gaga. His jury experience includes working for Dancing with the Stars UK.

When: October 25-27

Where: BUKA EC

Enter: free