January 2020
February 2020
Iryna Kravets art showcase

Dear guests of the resort! Once again we introduce you to the remarkable painting talent of a local master.

Iryna Kravets is a Western-Ukrainian artist who specializes in dry pastel still-lives and landscapes.

For the first time, Iryna presented her works to art connoisseurs in 2014. Today she has 16 personal exhibitions under her belt, being showcased at all-Ukrainian and regional exhibitions.

In 2017, the artist claimed a prize of the International Painting Contest, held within the framework of "Ukrainian Art Week". Iryna’s pastels were ranked 2nd in "Landscape" and "Still-Life" nominations. "Ukrainian Art Week" is an international contemporary art exhibition, featuring masters from 15 different countries.

Welcome into the artist’s creative domain and perceive the World through her eyes!

When: January 31 - February 15

Where: "Tavel" hotel lobby

Enter: free