12-22 JANUARY 2018

Visit "Tavel" for the spectacular "Churches and Palaces" art showcase, by V. Sandiuk, the Honored Artist of Ukraine.

With headlines of his activity being painting, handicrafts and books design, during his career since 1992, the artist was vastly represented and recognized on the domestic art scene, being showcased at 23 personal exhibitions.

Keeping his personal signature style, Sandiuk is weaving new visionary realities, with his unique palettes and masterful reading of landscapes and architecture. His highly recognizable color vibrations, collisions of light and shadow, linear and dimensional, aren't closely attributed to landscape as we see it, but what is mostly important - feature their own concealed essence and meanings.

The artist's brush unconsciously captures and channels the energy currents flowing through the Carpathian microcosm: grass-covered meadows and deep skies, silhouettes of wooden churches and huts, curvy mountain slopes and lines of fencings..

We invite everyone at the resort to visit the exhibition and get acquainted with the heritage of the Subcarpathian artistic phenomenon!

Where: "Tavel" hotel lobby

When: January 12-22