December 2018
Art exhibition by Halyna Hryhoruk

Visit "Tavel" hotel for a spectacular art showcase, "Flowers & Dance", by Halyna Hryhoruk.

As she’s working for the Family Medicine, Rehabilitation and Sports Department of Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University, the woman is constantly looking for unorthodox forms of curing patients. Nowadays, art therapy is considered to be an effective rehabilitation technique; perhaps that is why Halyna returned to painting, which is her long-forgotten hobby. Since 2015, she’s actively participating in region’s cultural life, by holding six personal exhibitions and taking part in bigger showcases and collective events.

Her creative approach is valuing art for being a mirror of one’s inner world, as it opens ways to contemplate the very essence of being; providing means of philosophical rethinking of the mysteries of human life and fulfillment of person’s deeper vocations.

Where: "Tavel" hotel lobby

When: December 9-23