March 2018

We welcome the country’s best and foreign alpine ski and snowboard instructors and coaches!

For the last few years, our resort has been actively supporting the Cup, actively contributing to the alpine skiing and snowboarding development in Ukraine, as well as other winter Olympic disciplines.

Technical efficiency against a high difficulty FIS-standard slope, edge-cutting downhill runs, agility and physical prowess: all fans would be able to enjoy the top-speed performance and bending mastery from the pros. All instructors, ladies and men, usually take this competition rather seriously and the tension is going to be high!

Team runs: alpine ski, snowboard, demo teams.

Competition schedule

March 6: Demo teams trials, Slope 13D, start: 9:00 am;

March 6: Snowboard giant slalom trials: slope 5F, start: 9:00am;

March 7: Alpine ski trials (GS), Slope 5F, start: 9:00 am.


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