28 JUNE 2014

On June 28 TC "Bukovel" will witness the flashmob "UNITED COUNTRY!" dedicated to the Constitution Day and Ukraine Youth Day. Main participants are children from all the parts of our country who spend their holidays and improve health in International Children Center "Artek-Carpaty". They will make the live map of Ukraine and encircle its borders with the ancient Ukrainian talisman - huge 152.86 mt-long Ukrainian embroidered towel.

As the organizers say, map of Ukraine will be composed on the hill of Bukovel Mountain at shape 1:50 000. Feel free to join this patriotic flashmob!

"Our conception is "togetherness". Our children will sew together 25 embroidered towels symbolizing all the regions of Ukraine and the Autonomous Republic of Crimea using blue-and-yellow threads and thus make one big 152.86 meters long Ukrainian towel as the symbol of our country unity thus symbolically protect borders of Ukraine" - art-director of TC "Bukovel" Vasyl Volochiy says.

After the flashmob is over children will write their letters to soldiers of Military Forces of Ukraine, separate the towel into parts and send it together with their drawings and pictures to the front.
"Let these children's letters and drawings prop up our soldiers' morale and the embroidered towel protect our heroes from bullets as the ancient Ukrainian talisman" - continues V.Volochiy.
The dancing youth flashmob will be accompanied by the songbook of the well-known and popular songs about Ukraine.

Event schedule also includes blue-and-yellow body art; karaoke contest "Will sing about my Ukraine!"; open-air exhibition of young artists; children drawing contest "UNITED COUNTRY!" and grand concert.

Celebration will take part with the support of people's deputy of Ukraine Oleksandr Shevchenko.

Patriotic event starts on June 28 at 12:00 on the hill of Bukovel Mountain. In case of unfavorable weather conditions it will take place at the central Bukovel lake.

Festival organizer: Event-agency "Art-Bukovel"
Tel: 098-1000-200