December 2019
Tetiana Piskariova live act

Tetiana Piskariova is a Ukrainian singer and songwriter, the Honored Artist of Ukraine.

Tetyana Piskaryova - Ukrainian singer, composer, Honored Artist of Ukraine. While taking piano classes in her native city of Kryvyi Rih, Tatiana started her career early as a vocal tutor at Kryvyi Rih Music School #8. Striving to push her vocalist career further, the singer later moved to Kyiv. Since then, she has become a regular participant of national and professional holiday celebration events, moreover - started shooting for popular TV projects.

Soon after, Tetiana took the prestigious vocal tutor job for "Star Factory-2" and "Star Factory-3" TV shows. She also developed her own vocal-teaching technique and runs her personal radio show "Parent Meetings" on "Era-FM".

When: December 21

Where: Bukovel Fair square

Start: 7pm

Enter: free

Welcome to "Bukovel", the Heart of the Carpathians!