April 2021
«Spartan Race Bukovel» - a race through rugged terrain


For each participant, this chant will mark the beginning of a long-awaited mountain challenge, the "Spartan Race Bukovel". Professionals and amateurs, ardent fans and beginners - everyone, regardless of abilities and age, have the opportunity to test their limits at "Bukovel" and become a real Spartan on April 17, 2021.

What's in it for me?

A picturesque location, a course stuffed with various obstacles, sincere hugs at the finish line and pride for yourself and your team. Moreover, another hundred thousand small and big impressions and experiences to explore and add to the treasury of happy moments. "Bukovel Spartan Race" is a real adventure!

Two challenges to complete:

"Spartan Sprint" - 5 km race and 20 obstacles. Sprint is the most popular racing format, which both beginners and experienced participants will find attractive.

"Spartan Super" - 10 km race and 25 obstacles. This distance will unfold the fiercest competition, being part of the competitive "Elite" category for pros.

The competition area, which has mostly trail qualities to it, boasts a fairly distinguished relief. It combines elements of mountain running and cross-country. In addition to running, athletes will overcome a set of obstacles, including barriers, heavylifting, horizontal and vertical rope courses, combined handrails and javelin throwing - in short, the most unexpected tests one can imagine.

The ticket price includes a fancy finisher's medal, a branded T-shirt, a timing chip, water, snacks and medical insurance. You may participate as a team or by yourself.


Tickets can be bought on the spot on the day of the race.

Terms and ticket prices are listed here

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