January 2020
Oksana Pekun live act

Oksana Pekun is a Ukrainian pop-star, singer and broadcaster, People's Artist of Ukraine.

She grew as a professional as she sang in her university’s ensemble, led by composer and arranger Oleksandr Burmitskyi, who is the author of music to Oksana’s first songs. Among them: "Kaviarnia Kokhannia" and "Ne Zalyshai", written to the lyrics of Olena Laiko. For five consecutive years, Oksana’s songs have been smash hits with "golden" status. Those are "Vpershe", "Kvity v Darunok", "Dyka Orkhideia", "Vidlitaiu, proshchai". "Zelen Klen", which in the updated version was included to Oksana’s repertoire, is the renown classic of the XX century.

In 2008, the First National TV Channel featured a family folk-music program, which Oksana Pekun has become a permanent host of. The "Folk-music" program was dedicated to searching and revival of Ukrainian authentic melodies and folksongs representing country’s different regions. And yet, it was the promotion of authentic music, especially among youth. The program was nominated for the National Prize of Ukraine "Teletriumph". Since then, the Oksana's repertoire has been expanded with a number of folk songs, followed by a full-on folk album "Kozachka".

When: January 11

Where: Bukovel Fair square

Start: 7pm

Enter: free

Welcome to "Bukovel", the Heart of the Carpathians!