December 2014
New Year Marathon

Join our new fest - New Year Eve celebration Marathon in TC "Bukovel". The more songs, dances, fun, entertainments, sincere wishes and kind smiles we give out - the more chances we have to spread the wave of Good and Dreams-that-came-true, and change the destiny for better.

Join our New Year Marathon and visit the Bukovel New Year and Christmas Fair.

Here you can taste the dishes cooked in large cooking pots - golden Uzbek rice pilaf, spicy sorpa with lamb, Hutsul banosh with creams. Participate in roasting the whole lamb in the open fire or spit-roasting the veal. Complete you dinner with hot drinks or various homemade wines.

We will also help you make the round-the-world trip during the great concert of out showbiz stars from Sub Carpathian and Lviv band "Children of the Sun". Watch fireworks, dance and play games, take part in contests and entertainments, join the patriotic flash mob. 

Let's unite our dreams and hopes with all the world! Unite our hopes, that the coming year will bring only good and peace to Ukraine!

Unite in Bukovel!

See you on December 31, 2014 at 18:00 near the Christmas Tree.