December 2016
January 2017
New Year’s Eve in "Filvarok"

New Year’s Eve is a special night full of opportunity, bringing a feeling of fresh start, fulfilling our sincerest dreams and hopes.

Among the majestic Carpathians, the New Year’s fairy-tale can be felt even more acute. Magic is everywhere: astounding, clean-cut mountain peaks, covered by dazzling powder, caressed by the nordic winds that whisper through a starry, frosty winter night.

“Filvarok” NYE folk-party: gather your friends and relatives, leave your city routine behind and emerge into an ambient, festive journey through the Ukrainian ancient traditions and premium quality national cuisine.

Our specially invited guests: “Gomin Karpat” musical and dancing ensemble, light-animation artist, “Madrin” show-ballet, live folk DJ.

MCs: Pavlo Tuptynskiy, Grandfather Frost & Snowmaiden.