13 DECEMBER 2014

December 13, 2014 at 13:00 ski resort Bukovel will host the Festival, dedicated to the International Mountain Day

  DuringtheFestivalTCBukovel will present traditions, customs and rituals of the Carpathians. All the guests will have the chance to learn the arts of Hutsul land and participate in master-classes of pottery, hand weaving, smith craft, making skein dolls and Ukrainian amulets.

We will also offer funny master-classes of Ukrainian dances, folk musical instruments playing (trembita, roza, bugai, tambourine, dulcimer).

Making the large circle all the guests and Festival participants will dance alltogether the most known folk dance "Kolomyika".

At the same day we will run the concert of the National Academic Hutsul ensemble of songs and dances "Gutsuliya". Our guests will take part in Ukrainian "vechornytsi" party, and all Andriys will get their nameday presents. Cartel family restaurant Chief will treat all with Hutsul Banosh with cracklings, sheep cheese and mushrooms, cooked on the open fire in a large iron cooking pot.

The Festival will take place as the part of "The Longest 365-days long World Charity Festival Bukovel. Seasons: winter, spring, summer, autumn. Fest every day!" Project.

All the funds accumulated will be sent to charity purposes.

Information: International Mountain Day was established by the Decision of the 57-th General Assembly of UN in the year of 2003. In the above Resolution of General Assembly the special relevance of steady development of mountain regions was underlined.

General Assembly of the UN motivated the international community to organize various events of all levels aiming to promote the value of steady development of mountain regions.

Mountains are one-fourth of the planet surface and house almost10% of the population. It is the natural reserve for many unique kinds of plants and animals and the source of water for all main rivers of the Earth