December 2019
Oksana Beilakh Art Showcase

Once again we introduce you to the talented personalities of Subcarpathia. This time we bring to your attention an exhibition by Oksana Beilakh, associate professor at the Theory of Art Institute, a member of  the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine, the winner of the Yaroslav Lukavetskyi Regional Prize.

This artist from Ivano-Frankivsk is a master of modern artistic textiles and a decorative leatherworker. Her craft is a manifestation of experimental vision, creative experience and skillful execution. Oksana’s main inspirations are traditions and rituals of her native land, coffee, the balance between good and evil, temptations and love. Immerse into the boundless creative world and enjoy 42 pieces of art showcased in the Tavel hotel lobby!

Available December 15-30.