December 2019
Liubomyr Zghurskyi live act

Liubomyr Zghurskyi is a promising Ukrainian singer and songwriter.

Since 2006, he has been singing for the Italian diaspora and seasonal workers, having participated in a vast array Ukrainian concerts all over Italy. However, no matter his popularity abroad, he remains a genuine Ukrainian with his heart and soul.

In 2009, Mr. Zghurskyi returned to his small native town of Kolomyia, where he studied vocals and later released his first album "I Want to be with you", produced several videos and sang with the orchestra. At home, he started a tradition of organizing Italian music parties, which became insanely popular.

Feeling the support from his wife, associates and teachers, Liubomyr is further improving his career. His own project entitled “Ukrainian Evenings” became renowned not only in Italy, but also in  Poland, Greece, Portugal, Germany and other countries with the Ukrainian diaspora.

After the events of Maidan, Liubomyr has been volunteering in orphanages, local hospitals and rehabilitation centers for ATO combatants.

When: December 29

Where: Bukovel Fair square

Start: 7pm

Enter: free

Welcome to "Bukovel", the Heart of the Carpathians!