July 2019
Kvartal Fest at Bukovel

The large-scale all-Ukrainian Festival Kvartal Fest is coming to Bukovel.

For 5 years in a row, Kvartal Fest has been organized in Sumy region. Visited by 100 to 150 thousand people yearly, the event has already become a good tradition for many Ukrainians. Finally, the "Quarter 95" studio decided to expand the boundaries of the fest and announced a series of events across the country. The "Bukovel" resort is eagerly welcoming the event - the pearl of the Carpathians and one of the country’s best recreational destinations!

Coming up on Sunday, July 14!

Start: 7pm

Where: VODA club

Within the framework of the festival our guests are free to enjoy entertainment zones for children, food courts, open-air cinema and live music acts. The final part of the concert will be performance by "Quarter 95" acting team and a popular Ukrainian singer - MamaRika!

Enter – free!