January 2018
Bukovel Free Fight Cup, tour ІV

Have you ever been a witness to duels of honor? Welcome to uncompromising clashes between top tier free fight professionals, the true chivalry of present time. For those, honor, freedom and love are undisputed life values, not just quotes from yet another tabloid novels.

Have you ever experienced emotions so strong and amplified, resulting in huge adrenaline rushes? If you enjoy such moments, you are sure to visit the next episode of our spectacular freefight marathon in Bukovel, scheduled for January 27. Make haste and grab your tickets, make sure not to miss this event and regret it until next winter comes!

The equator of the series is approaching fast, with both big names and underdogs eager to enter the arena and earn your recognition and love!

The uncompromising decider rounds in the most dangerous weight category - 70kg, featuring lighting reflexes combined with hard-hitting flurries of attacks. Six decider matches will determine those two, worthy enough to compete for the Champion's belt!

Ranked fights drama will continue in all weight categories!

And what is mostly important, we finally give you an opportunity to cheer up not only for individual athletes, but also for the entire country, with the first clash of nations showcase, featuring fighters from Ukraine and Moldova!

Start: January 27, 8pm

Where: TC "Bukovel", "Buka" entertainment center.