13 JANUARY 2018

The second tour of our Carpathian freefight marathon has become a worthy final of a nice, snowy day at Bukovel, with tension and emotions being all over the place.

Our contenders, representing different regions, town and countries have shown their strong desire to progress further into the competition and claim the main prize, the Champion's belt!

The clash between Poland's Kamil Prajda and Taras Tytarenko was by far the most anticipated moment of the night. Their last meeting was a big time for the Ukrainian fighter, but, as sad as it may be, this time it was his opponent to get the revenge. Thus only by arranging the third decider match can we finally end this big rivalry and tell, who's the best!

Shortly after this headline fight, Denys Bondar's performance against a fighter representing Moldova - became yet another peaking moment of the round, as it was the quickest match of the tour, ending as soon as 42nd second of the very first round!

Quite the countrary fight was one between Mykola Grynchuk and Viacheslav Bogomol though, with fighters showing uncompromising will to victory and physical prowess, against an evenly matched opponent.

Victor Kokhno and Mykola Grynchuk (both from Ternopil) have both qualified for a contenter match in the 77kg. weight category. The winner of which will face the reigning Champion, Mykhailo Kyslytsia, making the attempt to remove the renowned fighter from his throne.

The next, third round of the competitions is fastly approaching, being sheduled on January 13!

Make haste to grab your tickets, as the number of seats is limited!

Second tour video footage.