January 2019
Bukovel Free Fight Cup, tour ІI

Finally! Bukovel Free-Fight season nine was launched on December 22th in “BUKA” EC’s arena hall. Now there’s no time to waste, as the winter season is in full swing. As our guests are enjoying the mountains with marvelous snowy weather, well-prepared skiing slopes, tasty meals and a variety of entertainment our resort has to offer, the PFU agency had to do their best to make the event noticeable and well-attended, considering the variety of options. Having received lots of feedback, we may now firmly report that we've succeeded. Having witnessed 11 thrilling clashes to last for over 3 hours, our audience have experienced an immersion into the atmosphere of unspeakable tension. As the grand prix circuit format rules put it, athletes should now be engaged in 2 fights per tour to keep their grand-final dreams alive. As before, the audience’s support was overwhelming from the very start, with fans cheering for their favorites so loud and passionately, that it seemed to create turning points in some fights, tipping the scales in favor of a currently losing fighter.

Speaking of fighters, the guys literally were the audience’s guides to all the unpredictable nature of the sport. The night was extremely diverse, with fights’ outcome ranging from referee’s verdict to submission move/armblock/chokehold wins and KOs. The tour I night was the best moment of display for our contenders’ charisma and style we could ever imagine, with highly spectacular high-amplitude shots, flips and hit combos.

Needless to say, it hasn’t been without surprises. The reserve bracket winner, Ruslan Pervak (Uman), with a lucky turn of events was allowed to the main grand prix circuit to face the swift and hard-hitting Oleksandr Fedonov (Dnipro), whom he defeated. Speaking of Fedonov, the guy showed a lot of promise himself, as he took down Oleh Prokopiv (Ternopil) in his first fight, with a spectacular and decisive knockout drop. As Fedonov was considered a clear round I favorite, his loss to Pervak is yet another showing of free-fight’s unpredictability.

As a result of the night, we’ve determined our 66kg. weight category finalists, both being more than worthy to claim the title:

Ruslan Pervak (Uman), the unpredictable dark horse, Bukovel Free-Fight Cup debutante and biggest discovery up to date, with 2 decisive victories under his belt.

His opponent, a seasoned veteran of the Cup, experienced fighter Yevhen Svitlychnyi (Kryvyi Rih), famous for his tactical prowess and chokehold mastery.

Still, the more we speak of free-fight, the more we feel that words aren’t that capable of describing the matter. The only way to understand it fully is to be among the agilated crowd of fans, as they cheer for their favorites…

Dear friends, TC “Bukovel” and “Professional Fight Union” agency are pleased to welcome you to the second round of the Cup, scheduled for January 5th, 2019. We’re looking forward to introduce to you ten selected fighters representing 70kg. weight category and determine our second pair of grand-finalists. Thus prepare for yet another night of tension, strong-will display and uncompromising manly struggle!

We strongly recommend that you book your seats in advance, as tour I ticket sales indicate a quick sold-out state. Make haste!

When: January 5

Where: "BUKA" EC

Start: 8pm

For details and ticket booking, please call: (0342) 59-54-44.

Let's get ready to rumble!