10 MARCH 2018

So you may ask what’s new for Bukovel Free Fight Cup season 8, and right now it's the time that we give some updates on the series. 

As Bukovel always strives for the best possible performance level, for the season to come we have management issues handed to the professional PFU union. That means the standards are going up, regarding overall quality of the show, refereeing, organization and broadcasting. We continue the tradition of showcases in open arenas, the feature that made the discipline that very popular in our country. The new Bukovel arena has been designed to allow visitors the feeling of complete presence. It even has no ropes or "cages" which means absolutely no obstacles to block the vision of the entire fight, as it progresses in "upper" and "lower" stages. The improved rule setting also adds to spectacular moments, as now only those proactive, creative and fair-play-devoted fighters are going to be rewarded with higher scores. 

As we know, all the best comes last, and the time has finally come. Ladies and gentlemen, TC "Bukovel" and PFU professional union are proud to announce the last, seventh, tour of Bukovel Cup's current season 8. For the six showdown nights in a row, our resident fighters and specially invited foreigners have been entertaining us with courage and resolve, strong desire to victory, power of will, technical mastery and physical prowess.

The last tour will become a critical moment, a real zero hour of the entire season. In order to finally dot the i's, we summon all our champions and crowd favorites. Get ready for return matches, rated fights, international fights and, what is even more important, THREE Grand Final clashes. Without any exaggeration, the saturation level of this final night with spectacular moments will be absolutely insane!

U57kg Grand finalists:

Levon Ambortsumyan (Kharkiv), Champion of Ukraine in kickboxing, Bukovel Free Fight Cup tour V winner, master of spectacular KO's;


Denys Bondar (Kharkiv), Champion of Ukraine in free fight, Ukrainian Free Fight Cup owner, Master of Sports of Ukraine, Bukovel Free Fight Cup Season 7 finalist.

U70kg Grand finalists:

Ivan Vulchyn (Ivano-Frankivsk), Champion of Ukraine in free fight (among both juniors and adults), Master of Sports of Ukraine, Grand Prix quaternion winner at Bukovel Free Fight Cup season 8;


Azymzhan "Wolf" Bektemyr (Kyrgyzstan), Champion of CIS in jiu jitsu, Champion of Kyrgyzstan in pankration.

U84kg Grand finalists:

Vitaliy "Onyx" Onyschenko (Poltava), one of the season’s record holders (3-match winning spree, 2 KO's, spectacular hard-hitting technique), Master of Sports of Ukraine in khorting, Master of Sports of Ukraine candidate in  wrestling;


Olexandr Dolotenko (Kyiv), a legendary veteran fighter, 27 ranked fights total with 19 wins and 17KOs.

Who will earn victory? Who will become the best ranked fighter of the season? Everything will become clear on March 10, with the last spectacular celebration night of professional martial arts of the year!

Start: March 10, 08:00pm

Where: "BUKA" EC

Don’t miss this thrilling and spectacular event!

Ticket booking: (0342) 59-54-44