December 2017
March 2018
Bukovel Free Fight Cup

So you may ask what is coming this season for Bukovel Free Fight Cup, and right now it's the time that we reveal some of the upcoming changes to the series. 

As Bukovel always strives for the best possible performance level, for the season to come we have management issues handed to the professional PFU union. That means the standards are going up, regarding overall quality of the show, refereeing, organization and broadcasting. 

We continue the tradition of showcases in open arenas, the feature that made the discipline that very popular in our country. The new Bukovel arena has been designed to allow visitors the feeling of complete presence. It even has no ropes or "cages" which means absolutely no obstacles to block the vision of the entire fight, as it progresses in "upper" and "lower" stages. The improved rule setting also adds to spectacular moments, as now only those proactive, creative and fair-play-devoted fighters are going to be rewarded with higher scores. 

As for the refereeing criteria, overall it's all the same: dynamics of the fight, effectiveness, versatile techniques, proactive approach, spectacularity and fair play. 

For the entire history of the event, this year is record breaking by the number of challengers, for example, 15 contenders only for the major title. Thus, get ready for the tension and dramatic turns of events, as it's gonna be real hot. The best and the most ambitious fighters can't wait to enter the arena and settle the score!

Improved grand prix competition format.

Old rivals will clash, as the everlasting Champion Belt drama goes on.

Your old favorites, glorious in the fame and honor of tournaments won across the globe.

Showmatches are scheduled EACH tour, featuring the Ukraine's best and specially invited foreigners.

Celebrity hosts.


I - December 2

II - December 23

III - January 13

IV - January 27

V - February 10

VI - February 24

VII - March 10

The number of entry tickets is limited.