January 2017

When: January 28th, 8pm

Where: “Buka” EC

Though thrilling and record-breaking Round One is not over yet, it has already brought its sensations. Only two competition favorites – Oleksiy Valivakhin and Mykola Grynchuk, have made it to the Challenger Finals.

This year we have significantly tightened the entering criteria for all playoff fights, therefore only “Elite” rank fighters may participate. As a result of this decision, the number of matches per tour has been decreased, the overall quality of the competition has been drastically improved for all the three weight categories.

61,2 kg weight category:

  1. Denys Bodnar (Kharkiv) VS Vitaliy Shostak (Zaporizzhya).
  2. Taras Tytarenko (Dolyna) VS Semen Galushko (Kryvyj Rig).

65,8 kg weight category:

  1. Jegor Kovalenko (Kyiv) VS Oleksiy Fedonov (Dnipro).
  2. Juriy Bosyj (Ternopil) VS TBA.

Reserved fight: Nazar Bedriy (Ivano-Frankivsk) VS Eugene Svitlychnyj (Kryvyj Rig)

83,9 kg weight category:

First quaternion:

  1. Dmytro Ivanov (Kyiv) VS Olexandr Karpov (Zhytomyr).
  2. Oleg Glyantsev (Sumy) VS Ihor Lyokhin (Kremenchuk).

Second quaternion:

  1. Juriy Nazaruk (Kyiv) VS Bohdan Lysenko (Zhytomyr).
  2. Mykola Lukyanchenko (Vinnytsya) VS Vadym Oryschak (Dnipro).

Reserved fight: Juriy Deryhovych (Kolomyia) VS German Gorodetskyi (Kyiv).

All Round Two winners shall enter the Challenger Finals, scheduled for February 11th, within “Bukovel” Free Fight Cup Round Three.