January 2019
Tina Karol's Christmas Tales

An excellent Christmas surprise indeed for Tina’s fans – yet again Bukovel is going to stage her special concert set: a tender, optimistic and festive musical journey for our guests.

Being scheduled for two separate acts, the event will start with a set of Ukrainian Christmas carols, followed by the second part – the best and the most appreciated hits from Tina Karol’s repertoire!

“Nowadays, people have lost their belief in wonders – Tina says. – We’ve forgot how to share our love and kindness. However, miracles are real, and traditions are persistent. It’s not just Christmas Eve, as they follow us through our lives, we just need to open our hearts, let the Good into our souls. If I would be able to just help someone light their inner fire, and preserve it further – what more could I ask for? As long as traditions and family values are alive – our state and nation will prevail. This is the best Christmas gift I could possibly give to my fans”.

As Tina repeatedly stated, her music is meant for inspiration of people, this is how she perceives her mission as a singer.

Prepare for an immersive musical journey into the Ukrainian tradition, a magical Christmas fairy tale experience for you and your family!

 When: January 18

Where: “BUKA” concert hall

Start: 7pm

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