February 2020
Olha Tsybulska live act

Olha Tsybulska is a Ukrainian pop-diva, television- and radio-presenter, songwriter. She started her stage career at a schoolkid as a leading player for a “KVN” team, participant of all-Ukrainian festivals. As a professional entertainer, she ran her first wedding in 7th grade.

Right before her graduation, Olia crossed paths with young Mykhailo Khoma, who persuaded the girl to leave behind her plans of studying in a pedagogical university. Instead, he helped her believe in her shining show-biz future. After 15 years they finally met again, this time in starry status, and recorded a smashing hit "Chekaiu, Tsiom".

In 2007, Olha Tsybulska triumphed in the first Ukrainian "Star Factory" show. In 2009, she finally started her solo career.

In 2018, Tsybulska became the first Ukrainian singer to be recorded for the official Warner Bros. animation soundtrack. In September 2019, Olia started her own YouTube brand, a series of podcasts where she unveils the stunning Internet-life facts of Ukrainian show-biz celebrities.

When: February 1

Where: Bukovel Fair square

Start: 7pm

Enter: free

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