17 MARCH 2018

Iryna Zinkovska is an Honored Artist of Ukraine, winner of Ukrainian and international song contests, music writer and performer, bard, concert stage host, jury member of Ukrainian youth music contests, pedagogue.

This beautiful woman is an owner of a powerful, charming voice, and a noble, sincere soul. Her repertoire is diverse and concert sets are usually thoroughly assembled according to Iryna’s current mindset. Her plain and noble life Code makes an unlimited source for songwriting, as she is continuously driven by love to her Motherland, respect to parents, belief in the triumph of Good and the power of pure, undemanding Love.

You may see tears of nostalgia at her concerts among the crowd, as well as joyful smiles. She is a true example of artist’s heart burning with devotion to people. Iryna literally radiates with love, kindness and inner light, generously sharing that eternal flame with others.

Where: Bukovel Fair square

When: March 17

Start: 6:30pm

Enter: free

The country of “Bukovel” welcomes you!