December 2019
MEPI live act

Coming up live at Bukovel Fair square, one of Ukraine’s most popular musical formations, authors of some highly appreciated hits!

MEPI ("Mary" in Ukrainian) is a Ukrainian pop-rock band, found in the town of Truskavets back in 1996. Led by a talented and charismatic frontman, Viktor Vynnyk, the band took its first steps to the big scene with "Merediany" LP (2007), which contains the biggest hits of the project by now. The initial success was later developed into a real breakthrough, with the entire album becoming super popular on the radio and music charts. For the next ten years, MEPI has evolved into a bigger musical formation, providing grounds and opportunities for talented people eager to join their musical journey.

When: December 28

Where: Bukovel Fair square

Start: 7pm

Enter: free

Welcome to "Bukovel", the Heart of the Carpathians!