January 2019
Bez Obmezhen live act

The stage is set in Bukovel for Bez Obmezhen ("No Limits"), as the guys are on tour to promote their freshly released "Budu z Toboiu" EP ("Stay with You")!

The band had recently uncovered the full tracklist of the long-awaited 8-tracker, produced by Artur Daniielian: "Budu z Toboiu", "Lystopad", "Khochesh", "Moia Kraina", "Volia", "Khto Ya", "Do Nebes", "Kohana" (Mykola Mozghovyi cover).  

Expect those new songs to be heard from the band, as well as time-tested tracks.

Ticket booking

For details, call: +380 66 555 79 86; +380 97 376 85 93