April 2019
Bukovel’s Easter workshops

Palm Sunday (Willow Sunday) is the popular name for one of the Christianity’s major festivals – Entry into Jerusalem. This celebration of the Orthodox calendar falls on the last Sunday of Lent. The week before Easter is the time one may feel stronger attraction to the World’s beauty, as well as become stronger in their spiritual and creative fervors.

As we follow the ancient Ukrainian traditions, we might want to decorate our own homes appropriately and wear the appropriate clothing for this big religious festival. That is why on April 21, TC "Bukovel" calls for guests of the region to participate in a creative meeting, by joining our specially invited masters of decorative arts, reveal their hidden creative potential and practice their Easter handmade skills.

Join in and you’ll be able to cast a look at the fruits of labor of the region’s finest embroidery masters from the outstanding Poliovi family, joined by the master of arts and crafts of Ukraine Oleksandra Fedyshyn. Get acquainted with the collection of clothes created by designers of Ivano-Frankivsk’s Stefanyk University design faculty teachers and graduates. Last but not least, we’ll showcase some of the artwork from the local artist Natalia Bilyk.

Willow Sunday is the day we bring the undying egg-painting tradition to the resort. Feel free to join our workshops with your family and return home with some newly acquired handicraft skills, positive emotions and good Easter souvenirs. A perfect amusement indeed both for adults and kids!

When: April 21

Where: Bukovel fountain square

Start: 1pm

Welcome to "Bukovel", the Heart of the Carpathians!