March 2018

TC "Bukovel" welcomes the best aerialists of Ukraine 

Age groups: adults, juniors and youngsters

In the course of our preparation for bigger competitive events,  our intension is to contribute to the success of winter sports in our country, thus TC "Bukovel" is a proud sponsor and host of slopestyle, acrobatic disciplines and mogul competitions in the 2017-2018 winter season.

Aerialists ski off 2-4 meter trampolines, that propel them up to 6 meters in the air (which can be up to 20 meters above the landing height, given the landing slope). Aerial skiing is a judged sport, and competitors receive a score based on jump takeoff (20%), jump form (50%) and landing technique (30%). A difficulty degree is then factored in for a total score.

Where: Acrobatic trampolines area, slope 1B.

Competition schedule

11.03.2018 – training sessions (adults);

12.03.2018 – competitive runs (adults);

13.03.2018 – training sessions (juniors, youngsters);

14.03.2018 – competitive runs (juniors, youngsters).

Details and results

We wish you nice winter experience and best ever impressions from your "Bukovel" vacation!