February 2016
Bukovel Snowboard Race stage III

February 12-13, get ready for the final stage of the main snowboard event in TC “Bukovel”!

With Bukovel Snowboard Race, last few years were the real breakthrough for the snowboard sport in the resort, resulting in the insane popularity of the sport and event itself among the junior riders and pros.

What is the main thing about the Race? Any amateur snowboarder is free to participate and test his skills and abilities together with pro riders, top snowboard schools students and NGO members. Everyone should have two attempts to hit the best timing on the specially prepared slope.

All fans also should be able to enjoy watching the top-speed performance and bending mastery from the pros.

Participants are to be split into following age categories:

• Kids, 2003 - 2005  and younger;
• Kids, 2001 – 2002 and above;
• Juniors, 1999 – 2000;
• Adults, 1998 and above.


• Giant slalom (GS);
• Special slalom (SL).

Where: Slope 5F.

Event organization: “Sport Production Company».

For details and registration, visit: www.sportpro.org.ua

Have fun and get the best-ever impressions during your vacation in TC “Bukovel”!